Welcome to ZIZ LABS.

We are the team of IT expertise who strive to bring you the best solutions and consulting services of web, apps and software development.  Ziz labs is not only a developer’s zone but also a responsible community who contributes their efforts and 10% of net revenue to the mission of creating a new life of helpless people. We believe that as a human being we all have direct or indirect responsibility to help our society by helping those people who are surviving for daily food.

We are really happy enough to being included ourselves as a part of social responsibility.

This company is working with renowned local brands for their software maintenance issues, also providing IT services to all over the country. We may not be the best in the world but in our country we can easily say that we are the most popular IT Company in today’s time. We occupied this position through our services we offers to the customer.

Mission- To provide a trusted solutions for business & technology to that will businesses to create self- motivated and self-contained workplace.

Vision- Our vision is to become a Top to Bottom IT service provider in the worldwide.


Message from CEO

Ziz Labs is working to achieve its vision and to deliver a better tomorrow for its client. The teams of our tech has good knowledge to work is just as crucial as what we accomplish. Our team achieved it through the spirit of our team work and a strong mindset on its vision. Our team always value our relationship with the clients and always try to help the clients to discover the biggest benefits of their technology.

Ensuring maximum feedback to clients is also a direct responsibility of mine for this reason at the end of the day I review all the information and messages of our client’s needs. I believe that providing a best service has set a privilege from our competitors.

Ziz Labs is not only concentrate on its revenue cycle or business successes but also on social responsibility.
Thank you for visiting us. Our team is looking forward to work with you.

Md. Asaduzzaman
MBA, North South University
Dhaka Bangladesh